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21 Nov

Everyone knows the house painter whose own home has a peeling paint job, or the plumber who never gets around to fixing that dripping tap.

Sometimes the things we are best at, or that we get paid to help others with, ends up being put in the too-hard basket in our own lives and businesses.

And so it is with blogging.

Why blog? This blog spells it all out pretty clearly.

Blogging is a great way to share information, highlight your expertise, connect with people you might not otherwise have found – and, importantly, leave yourself open to learn amazing things from them.

At Cicero, we work with many clients on their online content strategies, and lots of clients are blogging.

Some even find it an enjoyable experience! Others swear by it as an effective way to connect with potential clients and have indeed won clients because of their blog content and strategies.

A (long) overdue upgrade to our Cicero website gave us the chance to practice what we preach.

We are working on our own blog strategy. We are solemnly promising ourselves that our content will be regular, interesting, informative and share-worthy.

So welcome to our blog.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share some thoughts with you about leveraging media hits, talk about the importance of risk management communications plans and keep you up to date with some of the interesting things our clients and our team are doing.

If you have any topics you would covered,  please make a comment and suggest a topic.

Kathryn Britt is a director of Cicero Communications, a Brisbane-based boutique PR consultancy servicing national and local clients drawn from a range of industries including B2B, professional services, financial services and not-for-profits. www.cicero.net.au

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