Putting lessons into practice in a PR internship

25 Mar

by Carina Nguyen

Mother's Day Classic intern

Interning at Cicero Communications for the Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic 2014 has given me the opportunity to put theory into practice and strengthened my understanding of public relations.

Just over two months ago, I had the opportunity to become the 2014 Cicero Communications PR intern, working to promote the Women In Super Mother’s Day Classic.

My experience so far has been great and I know that it’s only going to get better as the Mother’s Day Classic draws closer. I meet with my supervisor and MDC National Media Relations manager, Kathryn Britt, once a week to plan and prepare for the event. 

I have a funny little story about how I found out I got the PR intern role actually… I was in the middle of kayaking in the Brisbane River on a lovely Thursday afternoon when I received the phone call from Kathryn saying I got the PR internship role at Cicero Communications!

Overwhelmed with excitement, I thanked Kathryn and recall saying “oh my gosh” a few times. I remember thinking with absolute joy, ‘I’m now a step closer to my dream job AND this internship is for an amazing cause too, for breast cancer research’. So caught up in the good news, I totally forgot I was in a kayak.

When the phone call ended, I realised I had drifted almost 50 metres down the river!! The current was quite strong that day and it carried me quite a fair distance. Luckily, I had my partner with me who had rowed quickly after me.

Unlike my kayaking encounter, my PR internship experience has been smooth sailing. I’ve learnt that no two days are the same in the PR world. Every time I walk through the doors of Cicero Communications, I’m given a list of different tasks for the day, each quite different from the week before.

I’ve written media releases, conducted research, compiled a distribution list, created a social media strategy, pitched, managed various social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram and I’ve also had the opportunity to have a feature article I’d written published in a national magazine!

I have gained so much more confidence in myself as an aspiring PR practitioner and also gained invaluable skills I know I will use in my future career. Tt all be possible without the guidance and kind help from Kathryn.

The Mother’s Day Classic is only seven weeks away and Kathryn and I are preparing ourselves for the busy weeks ahead. Stay tuned as I update what I’m doing and what’s happening in the leadup to the event. And I’d encourage you to register and get involved in this great event! www.mothersdayclassic.com.au

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