“I have worked with Kathryn for 3 years and we all consider her an extension of our team. A consummate professional with a very practical ‘get things done’ attitude. Kathryn has an amazing grasp of our complex business and proactively identifies opportunities both internally and externally and is happy to take the initiative to cover off all the key steps and key stakeholders. Kathryn works extremely well at all levels of the organisation from CEO and Exec down, as well as dealing directly with clients, partners, all relevant media and even regulatory bodies like ASBFEO, where she helped to secure a partnership with the small business ombudsmen to create an important guide to business funding. Simply put I can’t talk highly enough of Kathryn.”

Ben Cutler, Chief Customer Officer, ScotPac

“Richard and Kathryn are a delight to work with – when I led The CEO Institute Kathryn supported us with professionalism and her candid and personable approach in all interactions with us. Richard has been a wise counsel for many of the companies I am involved with.”

Susan Forrester, Company Director

“Cicero Communications has been providing media training and crisis communication assistance to BUSSQ for over 10 years. We have found the training to be of a high quality which left our Board members and senior executive staff feeling confident they could deal with media enquiries as they arose. When assistance has been required in answering media enquiries, especially those tricky ones, Kathryn and her teams’ assistance has been invaluable. She was able to respond to requests quickly and in every case provided very reasoned and sound advice on how to proceed and what messages should be used. Would highly recommend her.”

Linda Vickers, CEO, BUSSQ

Kathryn is without a doubt the most pro-active person I’ve worked with in any capacity. I’ve worked with her across two organisations over the years. Kathryn is always working to see what else can be added to the PR mix, and fitting the puzzle pieces together to create comprehensive campaigns. Kathryn manages to get to the crux of issues to ensure the ‘hook’ is just right and relevant to audiences. Add to that her extensive network of contacts, and her tenacity; you’ve got a PR powerhouse that you don’t want to be without.

Dan Etiel, Chief Marketing Officer, Tanda

“Thanks to her excellent media contacts and highly professional way of handling media relations for our global campaign for the European Patent Office, Kathryn accomplished outstanding media coverage across all media genres in Australia, creating a visibility that exceeded the client’s expectations by far.”

Axel J Schafmeister, Managing Director, Shepard Fox Communications LLC

“Cicero first came to my attention as a result of the work they were doing with another business. I was continually impressed by the quality and volume of coverage they were able to generate.”

Wayne Smith, Head of Marketing and Product Development, Scottish Pacific

“Cicero provided the Mother’s Day Classic with professional and expert media relations services. Kathryn has played an integral role in the success of the Mother’s Day Classic.”

Sharon Morris, CEO Mother’s Day Classic

“I have employed the services of Richard at Cicero as our PR and media relations expert on numerous events since 2006. His ability to leverage his knowledge and relationships has always resulted in TV, radio, print and digital news coverage way beyond our expectations and delivered media value far in excess of what we paid in fees. I have not experienced better results from any of the media relations agencies I’ve ever used.”

Michael Scott, General Manager of APN Events

“Cicero has helped our growing firm raise its market profile in a targeted and cost-effective manner. I have been impressed with Kathryn’s ability to quickly develop an understanding of our business and target market, and effectively combine it with her knowledge of the media and excellent industry contacts. Their professionalism and timely service makes Cicero very easy to work with in a collaborative way.”

Kerryn Newton, Managing Director, Directors Australia

“Kathryn played a critical role in helping us achieve recognition as a national business transformation and turnaround firm. I would highly recommend her to any company looking to grow their brand.”

Michael Fingland, CEO of Vantage Performance