Getting the Most Out of Your Media Hits

25 Nov

Much of the value you get from publicity often occurs after you get a great media hit, possibly from people who didn’t even see the original article in the newspaper, magazine, on TV or on a website.

Just because people didn’t see your story at the time of publication doesn’t mean they can’t find out about it. You need to make it happen.

Here are some great ways to leverage your media hits:

1.    Talk about it

This is the most important action you can take. Next time someone asks what’s up, you have a great answer: “I’m feeling really pleased, because the big project my company has been working on has just been covered as a case study in CEO Magazine…”. This leads to a dialogue about important aspects of your firm and issues in business that may help you win new work or consolidate an important business relationship.

Don’t forget to mention it:

  • During client visits
  • During new business meetings
  • When you are being introduced as a guest speaker
  • In your own speeches
  • In pitch documents and bio materials

2.    Share it

Of course, you should put a link to the article, or a PDF or video clip, on your website.

As well as putting it in your “News” section, if you’ve received great coverage in a major publication, give it prominence on your website’s homepage. “Read our story in the AFR” (or “Women’s Weekly”, whatever your target audience is) provides good incentive for web viewers to click through, and may help lead people deeper into your website.

Share it also on:

  • LinkedIn – your profile, your company page and relevant groups
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Your blog

3.    E-mail or mail the article to your contact list

If the article highlights the great work that you do, especially the way you work with clients or if it contains tips that might be relevant to this audience, you may like to email it to your database.

4.    Include media coverage in your printed marketing materials

People know that if your company receives a good amount of positive media coverage, you most likely have something of value to offer and something worth saying. It reinforces to clients that they have made the right decision in giving you their business, and can help when potential clients are considering bringing you on board.

5.    Display your best media coverage for all to see

A professionally printed presentation portfolio of your media hits placed in your reception area, so that clients and potential clients can flip through and read all about your thought leadership while they wait for a meeting, can be very effective.

Having great articles on display around your office also makes your own team proud of who they work for.
Kathryn Britt is a director of Cicero Communications, a Brisbane-based boutique PR consultancy servicing national and local clients drawn from a range of industries including B2B, professional services, financial services and not-for-profits.

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